I hereby declare that upon my admission to the Ramana Maharshi Home for elders, I shall abide by the rules and regulations of the Ramana Maharshi Foundation in general and to the stipulations noted below in particular.

  1. I shall not cause any inconvenience or disturbance to the other inmates of the home and will lead a harmonious and peaceful life in the place.

  2. I understand that the routine health check-ups will be done by the Foundation and cost of other major health checkups and treatments will be met by me out of my resources.  In case of emergencies the Foundation can use the deposit amount for such medical treatment and I shall reimburse the same immediately.  The cost of the entire medicine will be borne by me.

  3. I agree to vacate the premises with a three months prior notice from the Foundation in case the Foundation finds my living in the place is not Conducive to the atmosphere in the said place.

  4. I shall be at liberty to leave the place with one month advance notice and in such an event the Foundation has to reimburse the refundable deposit of Rs.40,000/- out of the total advance of Rs.50,000/-paid at the time of admission.

  5. In case of any major ailments for which I need Hospitalisation, the Foundation will help me to the extent possible for such admissions and for further care I shall be taking the help of my relatives or well wishers without causing any hardships to the Foundation.

  6. In case of any communicable diseases I may suffer, I shall vacate the premises without causing problems to others.

  7. I shall compensate for any breakages and damages that may be caused by me to the properties of the foundation.

  8. In the event of my untimely/sudden demise, my mortal remains may be handed over to my relatives.  In case the relatives are not coming forward the foundation is at Liberty to perform the last rights as it deems fit.

  9. I shall meet all other expenses other than the Lodging and Boarding facilities provided by the Foundation and shall pay the fixed charges for Boarding and Lodging on monthly basis.

  10. I shall confirm that all the particulars furnished by me in the Application for admission are true and in case of any false information found by the foundation.  The foundation is at liberty to terminate my admission and I shall vacate the premises immediately.